Our aim is to provide clients with the most reliable, robust data from which to inform
their decisions. Decisions can only be as good as the data that informs them.

At Populus Data Solutions, we take data quality very seriously. We set up our data
collection systems specifically to take advantage of the most innovative ways of
collecting high-quality data.

We review every aspect of our research process – from the design of our surveys to
ensuring respondents give fair consideration to the questions – to make certain that
data quality is not undermined at any stage.

Here are just some of the techniques we use to ensure we provide robust data:

  • Survey

    • All our surveys are designed to be engaging and a pleasure to complete. We ask for participant feedback on every survey so we can monitor this.

  • Fair

    • We pay a fair rate to encourage respondents to give survey
      questions fair consideration.

  • Logic

    • To ensure that our data comes from individuals who give questions due consideration, all our surveys contain logic questions. Respondents who fail these tests are rejected.

  • Digital

    • Populus Data Solutions gathers a large number of data points from a respondent’s computer. These are put through algorithms that result in a unique digital fingerprint for that machine. No personally identifiable information is collected, and no information on the respondent’s computer is altered. Digital Fingerprinting is crucial to eliminate duplicates within samples when using multiple sources.

  • Device

    • Our research has shown that online surveys are increasingly completed on a variety of devices.We incorporate a device rendering mechanism as standard in all our surveys, to optimise the survey display on respondents’ devices – be they desktops/laptops, smartphones (Android and iPhone) or tablets.