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Diversity Index

A new lens to analyse society


In response to the increasingly diverse nature of British society, we have identified the views and attitudes of those who most represent the trend to diversity. The ground-breaking metric offers previously unattainable insight into this sub-section of society who are typically hidden in survey data

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The Diversity Index, which can be available as an analysis variable on nationally representative research, has been produced through the use of advanced multivariate statistical analysis based on years of research in order to combine demographic characteristics with people’s views and values. It is weighted in favour of how respondents relate to topics and sentiments, and their relationship to the external environment. It represents a significant step towards incorporating social attitudes and values within analysis.


The new ‘diverse’ group represents around 10% of the population. They are typically, though not exclusively, younger, more ethnically and religiously diverse, have higher educational attainment and live in more densely populated areas. They are open to embracing change and new things and report stronger awareness of and affinity to disrupter brands, than the total population. The ‘Diversity’ metric is a vital tool for disruptor brands in understanding this key audience.


Our research shows that those identified as ‘Diverse’ favour and are more likely to purchase products from disrupter brands such as Netflix, Spotify, Air BnB and Uber, than the rest of the population.


  • Can be requested as an analysis variable on the online omnibus of 2,000 nationally representative adults which runs 3 times a week
  • Delivers a sample of 200 within the Omnibus (which can be boosted)
  • Can be applied as an analysis variable in all ad-hoc surveys