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Quantitative Visual



RED C Research, Ireland’s largest market research agency, sought the assistance of Populus Data Solutions to quantitatively track walking journeys around specific shopping areas of Dublin City Centre.  Not only were RED C looking to identify the streets that had the highest foot traffic, but they wanted to identify how consumers arrived to that street, what other side streets they ventured down and which were avoided.  Rather than asking standard text questions however, RED C were looking to track journeys on maps that could be presented back to their client in a visually engaging manner and ultimately inform urban redevelopment plans.


Populus Data Solutions took on this challenge and developed a bespoke model that provided quantitative visual analysis of consumer journeys around Dublin City Centre. 


Using heat map technology layered on top of Google Maps, respondents clicked their way through their most recent journey, starting with their point of entry to the city centre (bus stops, car parks, train stations etc.) and then followed their route down streets, into shops, back onto streets and eventually to their point of departure.  


The output of this analysis was maps of the area with heat map colouring to illustrate both consumer journeys and higher / lower footfall areas.  These maps could be zoomed in and out to provide different perspectives and ultimately showed the journeys that are taken around Dublin City Centre by consumers.


Populus Data Solutions provided RED C with the exact output they were looking for.  They were able to easily identify the journeys taken around Dublin City Centre including streets with the heaviest and least footfall.  Furthermore, they were able to identify access points including bridges and bus stations that were bringing consumer traffic to and from the area.


They maps were widely shared and used in published reports to aid urban redevelopment plans for Dublin City Centre.


“Populus Data Solutions are the best in the industry.  They are extremely easy to work with and are always striving to develop solutions to meet our unique research needs.  In this situation, they took on the challenge of creating a unique method of data collection that enabled us to deliver insight to our client.” 


Ciara Reilly
Director, RED C