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Populus Data Solutions provide award winning solutions in the area of dashboards and the visualisation of research results. Our dashboard solutions are a standard part of our outputs in addition to the data tables that we provide.

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Functionality and Reporting

All dashboards are designed, built and managed in house:


   –  Infographics to present results /KPIs in an engaging manner


   –  Table lab to create your own cross breaks and download to Excel


   –  Chart lab to create your own charts and download to PowerPoint


   –  Pre-defined reports can be set up for tracking studies


   –  Wordclouds and verbatim search functionality


   –  Mobile skins and navigation


   –  Social media monitoring feeds


   –  Ability to incorporate non survey data


   –  Username and password controlled access and logins


   –  Document repository and ability to include flipbook reports


We use industry leading software Dapresy Pro to produce our dashboards. In selecting Dapresy as our preferred technology, we found we were able to focus on both the visual side of things and on the nuts and bolts of data processing.


We work closely with Dapresy and find them to be willing and capable of meeting the challenges that we have presented